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Why the delay?

Okay, so I decided to get a real job. Went back to my former employer (Keance Canada) and started working as a programmer again. I do love the work, but my head is sometimes a bit in the future and exploring the whole sedition thing.

I did a bit of budgeting and realized that my lifestyle had lead to horrendous debt… so the job may be as long as another five years. In the meantime, I am cutting spending to the bone and trying to get some additional contracts. At my current rate it will take two years for me to get above water, plus another couple of years to save up some cash to run my own thing full time. Oh well, I still plan to do it, and by the time I begin I intend to have the whole sedition brand completely on the go.

In the meantime, I plan to update this blog regularly (although it may be once a week for bit) with both my progress on starting my own business, and the paths I am taking to pursue branding.