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The competence project

Sharon Astyk posted a new project on her website: The goal of this project is to develop skills you don’t already have.

Before I read that, I had already made a bow. Now, I’m not handy at all (that is probably my biggest weakness) and kind of suck at the general house maintenance stuff. Actually, I suck at most of the skills needed for a low power world (other than close combat and cooking). Making the bow was a part of the project, but the rest of the project is what is really going to push my skill set. I am making an archery brace for my left arm (it protects the wrist from the bow string), a draw shield for my fingers (kind of a mini glove that covers your first two fingers and wraps around your thumb) and a quiver for my arrows (I guess I should make some arrows too). After that, I have to learn archery I guess. Now, I can sew enough to patch things and put buttons back on, that kind of thing… but this will really be my first time making something that a person wears from scratch.

I already have a spring project too. I have created a small patch for growing food, plan to get that up and running. I would love to convert the front yard over to veggies, but my partner is pretty much set on the lawn staying for now. Maybe when things get a little worse… and I plan to get some heirloom seeds in the next few weeks to plant there when things are bad enough that she sees my point.