In a darkish mood.

My aunt died the other day. It put me in a pretty dark mood when I found out this morning, and as always, this is my therapy (how the fuck else do you explain some of the shit I post on here). Having said that, I’m not going to bore you with crap about my personal feelings. Instead I’m going to talk about some juicy end of the world stuff.

I hurt myself two and a half months ago. I was sparring with someone and I blew out my knee. Hurt like hell. Of course they did an x-ray (one of those cool bits of technology that I want to keep in the world). It didn’t show anything. Then they decided to do an MRI, another one of those cool bits of tech. It took a bit to get an appointment because I don’t have a lot of money, and our public medical system has a limited number of MRI machines. I will find out soon if I get to have surgery to restore my knee (odds are strongly in favour). This represents so many different ways I am relying on the modern world to keep my basic mobility about me. This modern world is in threat. The IEA has finally not only acknowledged that peak oil is real, but that it hit a few years ago, and we are now on the downslope of Hibbert’s peak. That means shit is going to get much worse than most people think it is, and way faster than anyone seems to realize. The IEA claims we have nothing to worry about, that alternate methods of oil extraction will keep the production numbers stable for the next few decades, and by then we will have figured out something else to do for our energy needs. Somehow this doesn’t make me feel comforted.

Way of the Preserver is coming along. One of our members is allowing us to use some land that belongs to his family. It will give us an area to learn valuable skills. Initially this will be through clearing the land and building Monastery 1. Monastery 1 is going to be a general purpose workshop that should grow to include a forge and a laboratory in addition to the more prosaic workshop elements. We are planning to build the initial building from adobe bricks that we form ourselves. By the end of the process we should, as a community, be able to build a simple structure easily. This is my answer to the need to do something about the way I see the world slipping away from us as a species, a way for us to fight at the encroaching darkness.

If you would like to contribute to the Way of the Preserver, and the continuation of knowledge, please let me know. I would love to have as many ideas as possible, as well as increasing the number of hands. Way of the Preserver is an experiment right now, but one that seems to show initial signs of working. Help it to grow.

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