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Personal branding meets politics

I watched the democratic nomination debate last night and in between bouts of nausea at the questions the moderators thought were important I reached some conclusions about the candidate. First, Barack Obama gets branding on a deep level. He knows that his brand is the statesman, the deep thinker and the man who is above all of this petty squabbling. He stuck to that message the entire time, maintaining the combination of intellect and integrity that his brand requires. Hillary on the other hand doesn’t know what her brand is. She seems to be of the “Well, at least I’m not a republican” school of branding.

I think that Hillary’s lack of focus will cost her the US democratic nomination, but if it doesn’t, it will cost her the presidency. John McCain is pretty good at branding too. He is the Red Blooded American, a war hero, a common man (never mind that he is wealthy to the point of obnoxiousness, he still plays the man of the people thing really well). He can trot out the whole whitewater thing, the fact that she stayed with a man who cheated on her, her lack of warmth, her frequent “misstatements”, and she isn’t focused enough on who she is to fight him.