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More changes of direction and protest photography

First: I recently started a job as CTO of a health informatics startup and ended my relationship (nine years… it’s still sinking in).

It’s a different direction, working for someone else instead of for myself, and it has changed things for me a lot. For starters, at the end of the day I have enough money to pay my bills and put a couple of dollars in the bank. This is good, as I have some major debt right now (karmic and otherwise).

Not going to talk about the breakup. It’s private.

Protest photography seems to be what I end up doing a lot of. I guess because it’s easy and you can get some drama out of it. I also have a project I am working on called Images of Eve. When it’s done it will be female nudes printed on scrap metal using cyanotype. Trying to get models lined up and get shoots booked and the like right now.