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Things are getting worse.

So, today I read a couple of interesting articles. The first one was stating that some student loan cheques in the US are bouncing. Student loans, issued by banks, are bouncing. Okay, so it is some smaller student loan specific lenders at this point, but apparently many banks are raising rates on student loans, increasing acceptance criteria, basically making a student loan the same thing as a regular loan. So, that makes the US that much less competitive in a few years.

The next one was about food shortages, not in the third world, but in the US, happening today. Rice being rationed at branches of Costco, wheat at others. There was a run on Costco by restaurants and similar businesses because it is getting too expensive to get the supplies from wholesalers.

Lets face it, we are pretty screwed if the rich countries are starting to run out of food.


Food shortages

As a Canadian I don’t really see the effects of worldwide food shortages (although as a non wealthy person I do feel the effect of rising food prices). However I have lived in the third world, I have been homeless, I do know what it feels like not to have enough food.

I was watching CNN the other morning (actually I was listening to CNN as I got together my breakfast… hemp seed granola with Liberty Mediterranean youghurt, a glass of water and a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice) and the talking head was discussing world food shortages, food riots, etc. He was blaming ethanol production (with a fair bit of justification although it is only one of many causes) and then started joking about his own weight and tendency to overeat. The thought that was going through my head was that if I had a child who was starving to death somewhere in South America, or maybe Mexico, I would probably have hit the point where I would take up a weapon and gather as many as I could to burn the fucking gringos out and take their goddamned food at that moment.

Please note: I am not advocating killing wealthy white westerners (I’m of Scottish, Welsh and Irish descent, and I earn a pretty good living…), just understanding the anger that must be going on in the third world right now.

There is enough food to feed everyone, but here in the west obesity is our number one health problem, while in Egypt they are rioting because the one subsidized loaf of bread that is often their only source of food keeps running out before many people can get to it, in Haiti the food is so scarce that many are dying.