Are we really that stupid.

So, big branding has co-opted the revolution and claimed it for their own. I just saw another miracle whip ad. Hipsters doing hipster things with faux hand made titles and a voice over that sounds like an indie film. Car companies tried this in the nineties, but we still had at least a little bit of personal identity left and rejected them wholesale. Now, the new generation that grew up in the branded world are old enough to be the consumers, and they buy into it. They see ads where Mountain Dew talks like they are part of community activism because the general public gets to pick the colours, design the logos and creating fucking blogs about it. It’s over, the revolution has been co-opted so completely that it is now in the hands of the people we were revolting against. Consumerism won the day, it absorbed the anti-brand message, it dragged the culture jamming into its commercials and made them its own.

So, fuck the brand giants, fuck starbucks, and Mcdonalds and Nike, and Comedy Central, and SyFy. It’s time to go out and find a piece of reality. I have a new project I am starting, called the preservers. There are some details of it I will make public now, some will come in time. So, heres a public one. When you get a coupon from Starbucks, carry it with you. When a homeless person asks you for change, politely explain that you have no change on you, but give them the Starbucks coupon. Do it as often as you can. This is mission number 1. There will be more.

The funny thing? I now own a branding agency. Really, my company does branding, advertising and web development.


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