100 Pushups

I am doing the program at hundredpushups.com right now. Basically over six weeks you go from however many pushups you can do in a set, to being able to do 100. I am also doing twohundredsitups.com at the same time. This may be foolish, but I’m into week three and so far so good. Of course, I have been working on my overall fitness for about three and a half years now, so that may be a contributing factor.

The funny thing is, I looked in the mirror tonight, and I am in way better shape than I have been in a while. Less than three full weeks, and I am seeing major results.

Tonight I did a total of 82 Push ups (5 sets, 60 second breaks) and I’m typing this during the last 60 second break on my situps (total will be 106, 25 left to go).

Okay, finished the set. One thing I have noticed is the difference in feeling between max pushups and max situps. When I max out on my pushups what stops me is the shaking, and the fact that my body just won’t go up anymore. With situps I notice that it’s really a matter of pain (not a lot of pain, but some) at the last rep or so. When I start to feel that, I stop right away. I know that pain is usually a bad sign (and note, I’m not talking about burn, I feel that plenty well before the end of my situps set). It subsides quickly, and doesn’t seem to be an issue after a couple of minutes, but as it’s happening, I just can’t go anymore.

Anyway, I will keep this updated with my progress, and in the end I will post the spreadsheet I am using for tracking. One other major factor: I train Taekwondo four days a week and Parkour at least 3 hours on Sunday as well as assorted other bits of Parkour as they come up.


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