Thoughts on Parkour

I just figured out a major shortcoming I have when practicing Parkour. I am a traceur and I train a minimum of once a week, and since I just moved into a downtown office I will be training more often (a lot more often) but lately I have plateaued. I just figured out what is behind the plateau and because of that I think I will be able to move ahead quickly.

I’m scared of air. I’m terrified to let go of a railing on a vault, that kind of thing. Basically, it holds me back from doing Saut de Chat’s (commonly knows as kongs) and a wide variety of other vaults. If I can figure out how to let go of that fear I can progress in an area I have been weak (my last major one was when I figured out how to do a proper cat on a wall).


1 Response to “Thoughts on Parkour”

  1. 1 Salil
    February 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    I know exactly how you feel. I was at that place not too long ago. The best thing I can suggest for getting past these mental barriers is progressions. Work on things in small steps! So if you’re having trouble with a kong, find a nice long kong-able obstacle, and then punch with your hands and get your feet up onto the box. Your hands will have to move out of the way. Then start pushing for distance–try and land further and further down the obstacle.

    A picnic table is a great way to practice this, by the way.

    Finally, when you’re landing 2 ft or so past the edge of the obstacle, try a shorter kong on a slightly lower, easier obstacle. You might be amazed at how easy it suddenly has become 🙂

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