Toy Gear

So, I’m a security consultant now, which means my gear is a bit different from when I was a programmer. Some of it is the same, I still use a decent linux box and an eee pc for close in work, but I also need some gear that is more… fun. Surveillance has always been something I have been fascinated by, but the gear is so expensive.
Right now, I am getting my surveillance kit going. First is the video pen. It is a pen (a bit on the big side, but not silly big) that captures 640 X 480 video, up to two hours on a single charge. The sound quality isn’t great, but the thing works. Cost me about twenty bucks.
Next is my night vision camera. A toy really, got a couple of them at wal mart on super duper ultra clearance. They are small, have a decent viewing range of about twelve feet, ultra light weigth, and true IR. You can use them in pitch blackness with no problems at all. They do stills as well as video.
Finally, the crown of my gear. My Canon Digital Rebel XTI. The trick with that camera is that it is just a great piece of kit. Sure, I am not a pro photographer so there are a lot of features it doesn’t have that I don’t use anyway… although IR and video would be cool. So would a hardened body. On the other hand, I don’t have money for that kind of gear right now, and I can build up a lens library so that when I can afford that gear, I can switch my lenses over.
Also, I have an RFID cloner (one step, clones to card or key chain), lockpicks, an MP3 Player (you would not believe the things you can do simply by recording a frequency and then playing it back to a coil).

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