Where I am now and why I am posting again.

So, I am now a security consultant. I am a franchisee of Secur A Globe and in the process of building up that business. A lot of work, but pretty exciting.

Doing Taekwondo and Parkour a lot right now, probably more time on Taekwondo, but Parkour is still my main passion.

At the moment I am a green stripe in Taekwondo, probably going for my green belt within a month.

Why I am posting again: another bout of insomnia is basically it. I was working around the clock for several weeks, and now I don’t quite know how to get to sleep (it’s almost like my body forgets what it’s like to be sleepy, so I just get tired without ever feeling like sleep is an option). It means that until I can break it I am spending my large amount of waking time in a bit of a daze, wishing I wasn’t awake, but not really able to break the cycle.

Spent a bunch of time tonight slamming MVC frameworks, I actually think there is another anit-mvc post coming soon, even though I am no longer strictly a developer, and bitch slapping pro Austrian “economics” posts. If any of those people have ever read a history book that was written under the auspices of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, I will be shocked.

Now, I am going offline for the night.

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