Canada’s election

I’m Canadian, which means that my federal election has a lot less fanfare. Our English language leadership debate took place on the same day as the US Biden/Pain debate… guess which one got more Canadian viewers? I chose to watch the US debate as well, but only because I already know who I am going to vote for.

A friend of mine is urging everyone to vote on election day here (election day is Tuesday, October 14th) no matter who they vote for. Given the destructive policies of our Conservative Party I would like to amend that: Vote, it is absolutely vital, unless you are a supporter of the Conservatives Party. In that case, well, the polling station might be hard to find… it could be packed, really, do you want to go  to all that effort? I mean, it’s not like on vote is going to make a difference right? If you aren’t voting conservative, please ignore those last comments.

Someone else I know complained that Jack Layton (the leader of the New Democratic Party) doesn’t have the balls for being a world leader. Seems to me that having big brass balls is a huge part of the mess the world is in, maybe we need someone less aggressive (and I don’t think Jack is a wimp or anything, just that he isn’t as in your face as Stephen Harper. Sometimes it takes more guts to not be a grandstanding bully…).

Please, vote NDP if you are in riding where they can win. If you are in a riding where the NDP doesn’t stand a chance, but the liberals do, vote liberal. If neither of them stands a chance, vote green, or marxist/leninist, or hell, Bloc Quebecois if that is the only non-conservative option… just don’t vote for Harper, after all, with his policies that are in line with the ones that created the global credit crisis, Harper just isn’t worth the risk!

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