So, the thing with the market right now is not just that it is dropping like a stone, it is also that I can go for my (rather short) lunch break and discover that the market has changed by a total of a couple of hundred points. That kind of radical swing behaviour means that for most people the market has simply become too unpredictable. It will take a period of stability before the average investor starts to plow cash back in, and that period probably won’t occur until the market drops far lower than it is now. We are in tech crash territory on the market now, meaning that this is a huge, huge drop. Expect worse before it stabilizes, and then the oil shock will hit…

John Michael Greer talks about the end of civilizations as being a series of crisis, each one followed by a recovery that never quite gets you back above where you were before the crisis. This is what seems to be happening, it’s just that like so many things in our  society, it is doing it at breakneck speed.

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