Sport Hunting.

This piece is inspired by the anonymous commenter with the fart obsession.

I eat meat. I realize that is an environmentally indefensible position, and yet, I do it anyway. That probably makes me a hypocrite, but I’m OK with that (in fact, most of us are hypocrites sometimes). What I do have issues with is sport hunting. Now, in most sports, every competitor has a chance of winning… for example, in football, both teams have an even chance of winning that game, at least based on the rules (talent of players and intelligence of coaches is a different matter). In hunting, only the human can win. You see, winning in hunting is killing the other party, very hard for a deer to do when the other party is half a mile away behind a blind with a high powered rifle. To make sport hunting a real sport, you need to give the hunter a knife, and only a knife. At that point he has to jump the deer and manage to kill it with the knife. The deer has a pretty damn good chance of maiming or killing the hunter. Now you have a real sport.

From a bit more serious tone: Hunters talk about the need to thin the deer population, but they harm the overall deer stock in a given area. Sport hunters kill based on criteria that are dangerous, for example, they kill the buck with the best rack of antlers. That buck is the most successful buck in the herd and is the one that should most have its genes passed on. Wolves, on the other hand, have always killed the old, the weak, the sick. Wolves make the deer stronger, humans make them weaker, over successive generations.

This brings me back to the knife idea. If the hunter has to kill the prey with a knife, they will kill the one that has the least chance of killing them, or they will go after the one with the best rack of antlers, and the deer wins… improving our gene pool by editing out stupidity.


5 Responses to “Sport Hunting.”

  1. 1 megynkellyfartsaftersheeatsMexicanfood
    September 25, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Thank you Traverse Davies for commenting on this. I must note (though you may already know) that I used another ID when commenting on Vitriol & Pain, but I hope you have no problem so from now on if I post I’ll use the MegynKellyfart ID.

    I agree with you on abolishing sports hunting. Hunting for food is 1 thing, though I would like to see it eventually disappear. They must also get rid of steel jaw traps. I must note that though uncommon, there are vegetarians who hunt. What I mean is that people become vegetarian for a # of reasons unrelated to animal welfare such as because of medical problems. For eg. a man is a meat eater & hunter for all of his life. Suddenly in his older age, he suffers a stroke for which he is operated on. Realizing that to do things to reduce his chances of suffering another stroke, he gives up meat & becomes a vegetarian not because he is an animal lover, but because he wants to avoid another stroke. However, he still enjoys hunting which he has done since childhood. He continues to hunt moose, elk, other deer & buffalo for which he sells the meat after he kills it. Though you won’t find many cases like this, this would be an eg. of a vegetarian who hunts. I would like to see a poll done on hunters diets to find out how many hunters are vegetarians & if they’re vegetarians, then why do they hunt? I would guess that the # would be under 2%, but if you look around you may be able to find 1 or 2 hunters who are vegetarians, though again, it would be hard to find.

    I’ve been a vegetarian since my 30s. I gave up meat when I was 27 years old & I finally gave up fish @ the age of 33. I do eat eggs & drink milk & have no interest in becoming a vegan. For a long time, I called myself a vegetarian though I ate fish & seafood. Many people don’t regard fish as meat. If you’ve been to European nations, there are many who think this way-fish isn’t meat. It must be noted that in Europe, what I learned is that even vegetables are often cooked in animal fat. You may not eat meat directly, but the vegetables, eggs & fried bread you eat may have been cooked in animal fat. The Germans, Austrians & Swiss are big meat eaters. Hitler’s diet from 1931-45 for the most part was vegetarian (he called himself a vegetarian but this is open to ?) but interesting Nazi Germany & Austria during the 1930s & 40s had animal welfare laws which were the most advanced for it’s time.

    Imperial Japan you can be sure had more vegetarians, because many Buddhists are vegetarians & was General Hideki Tojo a vegetarian? Don’t be surprised if some of the Japanese soldiers who committed the Rape of Nanking & the Bataan Massacre were vegetarians. What will be said is that though Buddhism which advocates vegetarianism is a strong part of Japanese culture & though the Nazis enacted animal welfare laws which were advanced for it’s time, both Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany took Asia & Europe into a destructive war from 1931-45 which left millions dead. When do people learn to live in peace & not kill 1 another?

    Getting back to animals though, I believe in Animal Welfare & humane treatment of animals, but I’m not an animal rights activist & I’m tuned out by the selectiveness of some people who call themselves animal rights activists such as Martina Navratilova (who I wrote about earlier)who protest animal experimentation such trying to make gay sheep straight because it disagrees with her ideology but being silent on sex changes which as I mentioned was initially done on animals & they continue to test the hormones on animals.

    You know that I believe in abolishing sex change mutilations & that what Drs. must do is find the cure for GID. I am also against Drs. Whitening Black people because they want to be White instead of Black. If they eventually find the cure for GID, you’ll hear more about how science was sadly wasted mutilating men & women to make them what they’re not. In fact, I’m even disturbed by mastectomies for breast cancer victims, if it can be avoided. Yes, I understand actress Christina Applegates decision to amputate both of her boobs after she found out that she had breast cancer, but the fact that she did it disturbs me & I rather that they had saved her boobs w/o mutilating them. Incidentally, I oppose Viagra, sterilizations. With birth control, the condoms, pill & the Rhythm Method will suffice. Viagra is artificial & if they pulled them off the market I’m not going to lose sleep If they made it a crime to perform sterilizations, I’m also not going to lose sleep over it. Incidentally, I’m pro-choice on abortion, because I believe that there are some situations where abortion is justified which I wrote about earlier-Down Syndrome babies, future homos, etc.

    With homosexuality, if 2 willful adults want to engage in it, well that’s what they’ll do. The reason that I’ve become a homophobe is because I’m tuned out by homosexuals using the workplace to push their views on others (I’ve had the bad experience of seeing this in the workplace) & then not tolerating views of those who see something wrong with their sex lives by telling the boss that the other employee said something “homophobic” when he said that he sees something wrong with men having sex with men & women doing it with women. Now if homosexuals didn’t push their views so much on others, I wouldn’t care so much though I’d disagree with their sex lives. My “born again” homophobia & hostility is admittedly, based on bad experiences with them.

    I know that I’ve written about other topics in addition to what you created regarding sports hunting. You eat meat & that’s fine. Most of my family eats meat. But why don’t you try going 1 week w/o meat, if you haven’t already. Try to find foods that you enjoy which are vegetarian. I could never become a vegan because I love milk & eggs. In fact, when I stopped eating fish in Sept. 2003, I replaced it with eggs. I didn’t eat eggs very much growing up, but since 2003, I’ve loved eating eggs. See if you can succeed in becoming a vegetarian.

  2. September 25, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    No problem with the names, use whatever you like.
    I have gone weeks without eating meat in my life (unfortunately I have also gone weeks without eating… but that is another story).

    Honestly, the world I see coming is one that will probably involve my eating meat out of necessity but a lot less of it, again, out of necessity. In a true starvation situation, you eat whatever calories are not of your species and are available.

    In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a peak oil believer (believer is probably the wrong word… I have a lot of compelling evidence in favour of the argument that we reached peak oil in 2005 and have been coasting ever since). Given peak oil, most people will get most of their food from local farmers, and it is easier for local farmers to raise veggies and use the animals they have as draft or work animals. Sheep are an animal that farmers are likely to try and continue to raise, not as meat but as wool producers. They will probably still get eaten, but not until the end of their productive life.

    I also strongly believe that if you are going to eat meat, you should kill your own food and butcher your own food at least once in your lifetime. I have killed a wild boar with a spear, and I have butchered a few animals that were already dead. I know personally what goes into my food and I have reverence for the animal that lost its life to feed me. I think too many people lack that.

  3. 3 megynkellyfartsaftersheeatsmexicanfood
    September 25, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    Traverse Davies, thank you again for your thoughts. Before continuing on vegetarianism & hunting, it must be said that Japan & Germany have done nice things for science, humanity & culture to be proud of. The reason Japan & Germany continue to be discussed so many years after WW2 is the thinking-how could totalitarianism arise in nations as advance & cultured as Japan & Germany? Japan’s wars with other Asian nations over the centuries & esp. WW2 are bad periods in Japan’s history.

    But most Japanese people are nice & there’s alot of good things the Japanese are to be proud of. I’ve written many times about Hiroshima & Nagasaki & my belief is that if the US wanted to show Japan the atom bomb’s strength, then this could’ve been done by dropping it on a military base or armaments factory where there would have been fewer civilians (such as 1,500) killed & wounded as a result of collateral damage than the over 150,000 killed & wounded in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. People often overlook that the 10 year olds killed in the 2 cities & many others who have died from radiation poisoning are innocents. Collateral damage is 1 thing, but it’s wrong to deliberately target civilians. Sadly during WW2, the policy of bombing civilians was done by both the Allies & the Axis.

    Now to the main topic. With vegetarian food, the best vegetarian food is homemade Indian food. The Indian food you get in the restaurants is usu. Punjabi (North Indian food). They put alot of spices in it. Chinese vegetarian food is also good, but I would think that homemade Chinese food is better than what you get in the restaurants. Since you understand Chinese, perhaps you have a better understanding of Chinese food which is homemade. Most Chinese people are meat eaters, but China would as I imagine have many vegetarians after India, considering the influence of Buddhism which came from India & went to China, Japan, Korea & elsewhere in Asia. With Japanese vegetarian food, sushi is healthy, but it offers very little. While most Japanese eat fish, most Japanese don’t eat much meat, though most Japanese aren’t vegetarians. Yes, the Ainu (an ethnic group in Hokkaido Japan) have eaten bear meat & whale meat is eaten in Japan, however whale meat is expensive & as I understand most Japanese don’t eat it. Okinawa has the most # of vegetarians. Okinawans of course, are an ethnic group & they’re not 100% Japanese. Koreans like the Chinese eat alot of seafood & meat as I understand such as smoked fish & BBQ, but there are Korean vegetarians, though they’re the minority. I’ve heard that pure vegetarianism in the Orient is usu. limited to the Buddhist monks & nuns.

    With European vegetarian food, I find Spanish vegetarian food (paella jardinera) to be the best. Spaniards tend to be big seafood eaters, but Spanish food is much healthier than other European foods such as German food. Germans eat alot of meat & Germans have higher rates of obesity considering their diet. Other than the Spaniards, Italians & Greeks, most Europeans have a poor comprehension when it comes to making vegetarian foods. If 1 wants to be a lifelong vegetarian, you have to be a smart vegetarian. A main reason that many Europeans fail when they try to become vegetarians is the lack of food variety.

    For eg. let’s say a German wants to give up meat & become a vegetarian. He eats maybe some vegetables, bread & alot of German chocolates. But his vegetarianism is short lived, because he gets bored of the diet & goes back to the sausages, bratwurst & other German neats. You can find many cases of people who try to become vegetarians but then go back to meateating because they didn’t understand how to do it & got bored of the vegetarian food. That’s the reason I could not become a vegan, because not only do I love eggs & milk, I find the vegan diet to be dull & I don’t have the comprehension to make an interesting vegan diet. Indians as noted, know how make healthy vegetarian food, which is why there are so many Indian vegetarians.

    On the topic of hunting, I could never do what you did. Nature can be interesting. Lions will only kill deer, antelope, zebras, etc. if they’re hungry. Lionesses usu. do most of the hunting & lions usu. will only help if they’re hunting adult giraffe (a giraffe’s kick can crush a lion’s skull), adult buffalo or adult elephant. Lions have killed & eaten crocodiles for food, but crocodiles have also sometimes killed & eaten lions. Whether the lion or crocodile wins the fight usu. depends on whether they’re on land (lion’s advantage) or water (crocodile’s advantage). Lion’s competitors are usu. the hyena, who sometimes steal lion kills & will sometimes kill & eat lion kittens or even adult lion. Lions will also sometimes kill & eat hyenas. The majority of a lion’s diet comprises of deer, antelope & zebra & the lionesses are the primary 1s who hunt them. The lion is usu. a lazy animal, but it’s the lion who gets most of the meat.

    It’s noteworthy the risks animals will take. Deer, antelope, zebras & others will often take a drink or swim in crocodile infested waters. Some of them break their legs & drown in the rivers. When the weather is hot or when they’re thirsty, animals risk their lives. Plenty of deer, antelope, zebras & others are seen swimming in the crocodile infested lakes & rivers of the Serengate, knowing full well that if the crocodiles are hungry, they’ll drown & eat them. If you see youtube, you find plenty of footage of zebras swimming right next to the crocodiles, hoping that the crocodiles aren’t hungry & then 1 or more of the crocodiles sink their teeth into the zebra, drowning & eating the zebra, while the other zebras swim to the other side, thus surviving @least the lake of crocodiles. If 20 zebras swim in crocodile infested waters, 18 or 19 will make it to the other side while 1 might break it’s leg & drown while another 1 will get killed & eaten by a crocodile & perhaps 1 or 2 more may get attacked but will escape by making it to the other side with some bite marks. What runs through the zebras mind? Does it use the thinking, well there’s an 85% chance that I won’t be attacked by the crocodile because if they’re hungry, they’ll attack the next zebra & not me?

  4. 4 megynkellyoffoxnewsfartsandshitsaftersheeatsmexicanfood
    September 29, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Traverse Davies:

    I reread what you wrote regarding hunting with knives a deer so that the deer has a fair chance & that a hunter unless he is dumb will limit it to the weakest deer while those with the best genes (those nice horns of antlers) live on.

    In some places, the game warden chooses the deer that a hunter will shot. Why not have a forest ranger choose the deer that a hunter will shoot & kill for food & the deer will be old or sick & wounded & not in it’s prime with the nice horns? That hunting rule would make sense, because then the deer with the nice horns won’t be killed. Also there must be a quota on how many deer 1 can kill & they must require marksmanship for hunters.

    The # of hunters has been going down & most people today just are not interested in hunting. Yes, the # of women hunters has gone up, but this hasn’t been significant. Hunting in general has gone down, as most of the hunters are men, far fewer men are interested in hunting as their fathers & grandfathers were. But what are your thoughts about the last 2 posts which I’ve written on vegetarians, what are the zebras thinking when they swim in crocodile infested waters & now, the decline in hunting? Please post your thoughts.

  5. September 29, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    As far as the zebras are concerned, I have no idea what they are thinking. I contend that the way animals think is far enough removed from the way humans think that it is impossible for us to fathom. I don’t believe for an instant that they don’t think… just that they think very differently from us.
    I don’t support even the game warden choosing the game. I support something that brings humans down to the level of evolution. If you are going to hunt for “sport” then make it a real sport. If you are going to hunt to stay alive… you will take whatever is easiest because that is what survival is about.
    Nature is pretty cruel. It makes no bones about killing. I don’t believe that nature, as a whole, has an aim. I believe that it is simply what happens. That means that the zebras are simply doing what their mind is telling them is right.

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