FU Halifax

Well, the freehackers union Halifax Chapter first date has been set. Saturday September 27th at 7pm at the Second Cup on the corner of Spring Garden and Queen.
View Map please note, the map is off by about one building…
The second cup has no idea this is happening, and we have no gear at all (no projector, no screen, nothing but ourselves and our projects).
The main site explains the concepts:

You have to show something if you come to the first show… it can be art/wires/code. Wires means electrical or mechanical creations… basically just cool hardware. I am more than cool with good steampunk stuff that ignores electricity completely in the wires category… although if it looks steampunk it probably makes the art criteria so no worries there.
I have started working on the local chapter site.


4 Responses to “FU Halifax”

  1. 1 traversedavisfartsmexicanfoodafterheeatsit
    September 22, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Traverse Davis:

    Rape & sex abuse cases must be judged INDIVIDUALLY based on the facts of each case. Juries rule whether a sex was willful or whether it’s rape after hearing all of the facts. With consent, just as a woman or man can initially consent to have sex, change mind & revoke consent up to & incl. the sex act itself, it’s also possible for a man or woman to initially say no to sex or anything & then 1/2 a minute later voluntarily change their minds & decide that they do want to have sex. Here are 4 eg. & they are NOT rape.

    1. A woman asks a man if he wants to have sex. He answers “no, not tonight” but then 10 seconds later says “or on 2d thoughts why not”, unzips his pants & has sex with her. She didn’t threaten him nor harm him. This is not rape. The man’s subsequent words & actions are that of some1 who voluntarily changed his mind. Even if he didn’t want to have sex with her, his subsequent words & actions are of the reasonable belief that of some1 who voluntarily changed his mind & decided that he wanted to have sex.

    2. A man asks a woman if she wants to have sex. She answers “no” but then 10 seconds later says “or on 2d thoughts why not, we don’t have anything better to do tonight” after which she takes her blouse off & he has sex with her. He didn’t threaten her nor force himself in any way. This is NOT rape. Case # 2 is synonymous to case #1.

    3. A man picks up a woman . They both engage in foreplay. The woman asks the man “do you want to engage in oral sex.” He replies “no, just the missionary way.” After this she says “very well then” & they both have sex. This is NOT rape, because the man did not say no to the sex. He wanted to have straight normal sex with her, however he did not want to engage in oral sex. In many sexual encounters this happens. If a woman goes up to a man & if she asked him if he wants to engage in oral sex, many men would say “no, just the missionary way.” While many people do it, most people don’t engage in oral sex. Most men only want to engage in straight normal sex with women which is why if a woman asks a man if he wants to engage in oral sex, many will answer “no, just the missionary way.” Incidentally, oral sex has been linked to higher Venereal Disease (VD) & oral sex does raise risks of oral cancer. Most men like to put it between a woman’s legs, but they don’t want to put it in a woman’s mouth & most men don’t want to put their mouths on a woman’s genitals. This will be reduntant but most men ONLY want to put it between a woman’s legs which is why they say “no, just the missionary way.”

    4. A White man & a Chinese woman are having sex. While they’re doing it, the Chinese woman asks White man “have you ever done it with a Chinese woman before?” White man answers “no, this is my 1st time with Chinese woman.” Chinese woman then asks White man “have you ever done it with Oriental woman before?” White man answers “no, can I asks you a few ?s” Chinese woman replies “ask” & Chinese woman tells White man that she likes having sex with White men. White man asks her “have you ever done it with Japanese man?” Chinese woman answers “no, I hate Japanese people, they kill alot of Chinese during wars, I would never do it with Japanese man.” White man then asks Chinese woman “have you ever had sex with Vietnamese man?” Chinese woman replies “no & I hate Vietnamese people too”. (Vietnamese & Chinese have animosity) & any1 who knows alot about history knows that Vietnam has a long turbulent history & Ho Chi Minh during Vietnam’s War of Independence (French-Indo-China war) said that he would rather smell a few years of French shit than smell Chinese shit for the rest of time) Now the Chinese woman getting irritated by the man’s ?s asks him “can do you me a favor” White man asks “what’s that?” Chinese woman says, “please, no more talking, you’re talking about controversial topics. After this the White man says “No more comments by me then.”

    Case # 4 is NOT rape. They did NOT rape eachother. When the White man answered no, he said “no, he has never done it with a Chinese woman” & “no, he has never done it with an Oriental woman” HOWEVER, he did not tell her “no, I don’t want to do it anymore”, so consent was not revoked. The Chinese woman said “no, she wouldn’t do it with a Japanese man & that she hates Japanese people” & “no, she wouldn’t do it with a Vietnamese man & that she hates Vietnamese people” but she did NOT say “no, I don’t want to do it anymore.” There was no rape. Consent was NOT revoked in the middle of the act. Therefore, no rape.

    The above 4 eg. show that with rape & sex abuse cases, each case must be judged INDIVIDUALLY based on the facts of each case.

  2. September 22, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    For anyone who is wondering what the above comment is about: I am an active poster and occasional contributor on http://www.glensacks.com
    The person who left this is responding to a comment (actually a series of comments) I left on that site where I pointed out that rape really is a bad thing…
    If you are interested in the thread, you can find it at http://glennsacks.com/blog/?p=2732#comment-496024
    The comment will stay on this site because I have a policy regarding comments. If they aren’t spam and don’t link to pron (especially kiddie pron) I don’t delete them, no matter how asinine they are. Doesn’t mean I don’t comment on them though. I do wish he’d commented on one of my gender relations articles, seems a bit weird on a post about the freehackers union meeting I am organizing.
    traversedavisfartsmexicanfoodafterheeatsit is one hell of a name to pick for my comments section (and yes, I do tend to fart after I eat Mexican food… not really that unusual).

  3. 3 megynkellyalsofartsaftersheeatsmexicanfood
    September 22, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Traverse Davis:

    You already replied to my post (which I had copied & pasted here) & as such, I am sorry for copying & pasting what I wrote on Glenn Sacks post & bringing it here. It’s your call & if you wish to delete my post, please do so, because you already replied to it.

    But on another topic, why don’t you become a vegetarian, if you aren’t already? Yes, Megyn Kelly of Fox News farts after she eats Mexican food. Megyn Kelly of Fox News does smelly farts & turds.

    But getting back to vegetarianism, since you’re familiar with India, China, you know that many Hindus, Buddhist & Shintoists are vegetarians. China, India, Japan, Korea & esp. India, has the most # of vegetarians in the world. I’m not an animal rights activist, but if animals will be eaten for food, I would rather that it be humanely & swiftly killed. Personally, I would rather see a hunter shoot & kill a hare with a high powered rifle than see a python strangle a hare, though I realize it’s the python’s nature to do so. I would rather that every1 be vegetarians, but I don’t hate hunters as I understand that this is what they’ve done since childhood, but just keep hunting humane until every1 becomes a vegetarian.

    I agree with you on getting rid of pollution whether or not man made global warming is happening. I’m an ecologist who supports nuclear power for electricity & there are a growing # of ecologists who support nuclear power if done safely.

    Finally, I believe that they must abolish the death penalty. I hope that you can rethink your position on sex change mutilations because they must abolish them & sex changes are animal cruelty.

  4. September 24, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    I have a bit of a response to this… in fact it is todays post (not that I post every day, or limit myself to one a day, but you know what I mean).
    As to sex changes… the animal research is done, the humans are making the choice. I might not be in favour of testing sex change techniques on animals, but I don’t know that they are still doing them, if they are, they should stop… which doesn’t invalidate performing the operation on human beings. I don’t think I will ever change my position on human sex changes though, which is that I really just don’t care and really, really don’t think I have the right to decide for someone else.

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