Alright, I am going ahead and attempting to create a local of the freehackers union, but I need expression of interest locally, as well as a site, a location, and a date (actually, I have decided that the date is the 2nd Saturday of the month. maybe September, maybe October). Once I build a site for it I will make it more official, but for now… just email me if you are interested and are in or around Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The goal is to promote hacking and creativity. The rules are simple. Every member has to do a five minute presentation of something cool they are working on or have created just for the love of it. This can be (in the words of Zed Shaw) art/code/wires. The best will be mixes of two or more, but any of the above are good. Everyone has to agree to let you in after the show, but anyone who doesn’t has to give the reason why, and it isn’t a secret ballot.

After you are in, you should present as often as you feel like presenting. Be prepared to answer questions, as well as for general bad behaviour. Also, if this goes off as planned, be prepared to be offended and shocked by some of the presentations…

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