This is kind of getting back to my original purpose for this blog. I have been involved with beta testing on two projects lately and both are very cool projects, but radically different.

The first is twine. Twine is a semantic web app. Basically it is an aggregator for online content (video, web sites, audio, notes,  images, etc.) that uses semantic tagging and automation. It is kind of hard to describe, but well worth a try (I now use it to organize all of my links for example). The branding on twine needs some work, as does the UI (a bit hard to understand if you are coming in from a non technical background).

Now, the second app is the aviary. The aviary is actually a series of applications which are being released into the wild one at a time. So far, they have released Phoenix (an image editor that while not as good as photoshop is probably my second favourite image editor. Hell, I use it more than the gimp lately), Toucan (a colour palette generator, I just got access to it today, so while it looks great, I haven’t really played with it much yet) and Peacock (a pattern generator… one of the most innovative things I have ever run into, you just have to try it to understand). Next one planned is Raven, a vector editor (apparently working in beta but I haven’t gotten my invite yet). There are many, many others in the works including a 3d modeling tool, an audio editor, a video editor, a page layout app, etc.

Both of these tools are invite only beta’s, but both are accepting requests for invites. I strongly recommend both of them and consider myself to be something of a twine evangelist (pushing friends and family to use it every chance I get).


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